Rain water harvesting

We are an accredited Jojo installer.

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, filtering, storage and distribution of rainwater or storm water. It can be used for irrigation, flushing of toilets, as an emergency supply of water or a complete off-the grid system for the home & garden using filtration systems. It can be stored in water tanks (above or below ground) or reservoirs.

Rain water harvesting benefits include:

Water tank sizes and types

The size of the tank depends on the catchment area and system demand. Typical vertical sizes range in capacity from around 750L to 20000L, or multiples of these. The most popular sizes are 2500L and 5000 liters, which are easily handled and are not unsightly. The Jojo vertical tanks come is various colors: Green, red, royal blue, black, winter grass, bush veld green, khaki brown or stormy sky to suit all your needs. Steel tanks are also available. Underground tanks are available where space is a problem or if harvesting rain water/ storm water off driveways or patio's. Typical Underground sizes range in capacity from around 1250L to 6000L, or multiples of these.

Smaller tanks, such as the Slimlines (between 750L – 900L) or Urban Rain’s slimmer tanks are used when space is an issue/concern. These tanks can be used for the exact same purpose than the bigger tanks; an off-the grid system or a single tank to top-up the pool / flush a toilet.

Larger tanks are commonly used where there is a desire to go as off grid as far as possible. The storage capacity is based on a whole lot of factors e.g. roof type surface (tile or metal), roof area in square meters, number of people drawing water from the rainwater tank,  whether the house is a home, holiday home or a commercial or industrial building or weather it is just used for your irrigation system and then how many stations you have on your irrigation system.