Lawn Planting

We believe that preparation is the secret to have a smooth, and not lumpy and bumpy lawn once planted. We achieve this by digging over the entire area to be planted to a fork depth. This also allows the roots to take easier and faster into your soil. 

Dependent on soil conditions and budget we can also add compost (this is advisable). We then rake the area and ensure to shape it, when necessary to allow for rain water run off. Only once all this has been done the instant lawn can be laid down and knitted tightly together. 

Once we have laid the lawn we spread a chemical slow release fertilizer. We then soak the lawn and use a smooth garden roller to roll the lawn to ensure the best possible result. The lawn should be kept moist, should not be wet for at least 4 weeks and should not be cut for at least 2-3 weeks from planting

We mainly plant in instant lawn Kikuyu and LM lawn. LM lawn is and indigenous type of lawn to the Southern hemisphere and is well adapted to our climate. LM lawn also uses less water than Kikuyu and grows well in the shade. (see photo gallery)